Tie Up swimwear is your ultimate swimsuit haven. Shop with confidence knowing Ujena is one of the leading swimwear brands for over 20 years made in the USA. If you ever have any questions please feel free to email our support agents.    Happy shopping!

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     The following are our recommendations for swimwear care:

     - Handwash the swimsuit prior to the first wear to set the colors

     - After wearing the swimsuit, handwash the suit in a mild detergent, rinse well, hang or lay flat to dry out of direct sunlight

     - Make sure that ALL body and suntan oils are removed from the swimsuit. If not, 

     these oils will destroy the elasticity of the swimsuit !

    - Don't leave the suit soaking overnight, bundled, wadded up, or rolled in a towel. This will cause the colors to bleed.

     - Don't use Woolite, bleach, or dry the swimsuit in a dryer. All will destroy the elasticity of the suit.